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PSYCHE & LOGOS consists of a team of individual and family therapists highly skilled.

All our professionals are collegiated members, have been accredited as health professionals and have extensive training and over 10 years of experience as therapists, trainers and supervisors of professionals, which makes us a reference center in the cities of Malaga and Madrid.

Part of our team worked from 2006 to 2011 at the Department of the Family Guidance in Difficult Times, of the Ministry of Social Affairs of the Community of Madrid, where it acquired a broad therapeutic experience, serving more than 15,000 people and more than 10,000 families from Madrid. This experience allowed them to integrate diffferent theories and techniques with which they have halved the number of sessions that usually lasts a therapy.

PSYCHE & LOGOS specialists also have a great teaching experience. They have taught a lot of courses and seminars, aimed at both individuals and professionals, about family therapy, education, drug prevention, communication and conflict resolution... Some of the institutions with which our professionals have worked are UNAF, Athena Foundation, Alamedillas Association, Illescas Social Services, Family School of the Ministry of Social Affairs of the Community of Madrid, CONCAPA...

Our specialists have also done supervision with many work teams -family educators of Alamedillas Association, family educators of Community Intervention Project from MISECAM and psychologists of Support You Project of Athena Foundation- and many private practitioners.

Finally, our professionals have collaborated with the writting of many publications (manuals, guides and articles) to various institutions -Institute on Addictions, Amformad, Social Services Illescas, CONCAPA, Athena Foundation- for parents and psychosocial practitioners.



 Psychologist Collegiated Member AO-07665

 Expert in Family and couple therapy

Master in family research



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Social Worker

Family and CoupleTherapist 

 Expert in family and couple therapy

Expert in  systemic interventions



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