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The professionals of PSIQUE & LOGOS have collaborated with the writting of the following publications:

PIUMAD: A program for the prevention of addiction in universities of Madrid.

Madrid: Instituto de Adicciones de Madrid Salud, Ayuntamiento de Madrid.

PIUMAD program provide to professionals dedicated to drug prevention knowledge and tools needed to promote active participation of students and the entire university community in the development of preventive actions, the promotion of healthy habits and decreased potential damage caused by drug consumption and other risky behaviors.

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Family networks for prevention.

Madrid: Plan Nacional sobre Drogas.

The first part of the guide is aimed at mothers and fathers of teenagers, to provide them developmental knowledge, parenting skills and educational tools with which to prevent drug use and risk behaviors by their children.

The second part of the guide contains useful content for instructors of courses on prevention: oral communication skills, recommendations to guide the group of participants, activities that stimulate the course and materials necessary to perform the activities.

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Prevenction and interventio with adolescents with risk behavior.

Illescas: Servicios Sociales, Ayuntamiento de Illescas.

The manual reviews the many evolutionary changes and challenges faced by the adolescents, and explores how their development is influenced by their closest contexts (family, school and peer group). It also explains the general systems theory, the ecological model, the theory of human communication and major schools of family therapy tools. Finally, it provides various systemic techniques with which we can intervene from psychosocial services with adolescents with risk behavior.

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The therapeutic value of humor

Bilbao: Ed. Desclée de Brouwer.

The book examines the healing , therapeutic and inclusive value that has the humor. It also explains how humor is used in various contexts to heal and alleviate human suffering. Finally, invites us to practice humor with ourselves and with others, to live happier. It is written by experts from the health, education and humor.

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The labeling of children and their consequences

Madrid: Revista Athenai, Fundación Atenea.

The article prevents mothers, fathers and professionals about risk of labeling children as "problematic". Instead of investing so much energy in diagnose them, the article points out the need to analyze the context in which behavioral problems arise and suggests various strategies for educators to take care of them.

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