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In PSIQUE & LOGOS we offer a brief therapy, oriented to solve as quickly as possible the difficulties of our clients. We work with a maximum of 10 sessions, even if the difficulty were solved in less time, therapy would be previously interrupted.

The intervention model with which we work is the systemic, which not only include the psychic world of people, but also the various contexts that influence their development: the family, the couple, the family of origin, work or educational context , the group of friends, psychosocial services ...

This integrative and more comprehensive approach allows us to better understand how individual and relational problems are perpetuated and to identify multiple intervention strategies, allowing us to halve the number of sessions that usually lasts a therapy and increase the chances of achieve a good therapeutic outcome.

The therapeutic process we follow in PSYCHE & LOGOS consists of four stages:


In this first stage, the therapist describes the characteristics of the therapy and patients are presented and their problems or reason for their inquiry are discussed.

In this second phase, the therapist explores the various variables that maintain the problem and establishes with patients therapeutic targets.

In this stage, the therapist applies various techniques that promote change and problem solving. The work between sessions by patients is essential.

Once the objectives have been achieved, we review the changes and therapy is stopped. At 6 months after the intervention concluded, phone tracked to assess whether changes are retained.





Closing and monitoring

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