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In Psyche & LOGOS we offer a wide range of courses and seminars:

> Teams and organizations dedicated to psychosocial intervention:

           - Course of Couple and Family Therapy from the systemic model
           - Techniques of intervention with troubled teens
           - Intervention techniques with children
           - Intervention with families living in social exclusion
           - Intervention with families of alcoholics and drug addicts
           - Intervention with adoptive families
           - Intervention with eating disorders
           - Intervention with violence
           - Intervention in cases of mourning

> Educational Institutions and Associations of Parents:

          - Family Schools
          - Preventing drug abuse
          - How to improve communication with our children
          - Learning to manage conflicts
          - Adoption and School
          - Bullying
          - The child-to-parent violence
> Companies:

          - How to prevent burn-out
          - How to improve communication in teams
          - Techniques to stimulate business creativity
          - Techniques to encourage teamwork

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