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​Early detection and early treatment of problems affecting children are very important, because they are in a developmental stage that will significantly influence their adult lives.

In Psyche & LOGOS we work with children and their parents, because best results are obtained jointly intervene.

The child difficulties we treat most often are:

- Behavior problems
- Learning difficulties
- Attention deficit with or without hyperactivity
- Lack of social skills
- Problems with bowel and bladder control


Therapy with Children: ​


Therapy with Teenagers:​  

Adolescence is a stage in which they have to face many changes in a very short interval of time: body changes, new cognitive capacities, family estrangement and integration into the group of friends, building an identity, sexuality emergency...

All these changes are altering not only teens, but also their parents, who often feel bewildered.

In Psyche & LOGOS we work with adolescents and, in most cases, their parents, and best results are achieved jointly intervene.

The most frequent reasons for consultation by the teens we serve are:

 - Behavior problems

 - Violent behavior

 - ​Eating disorders

 - Lack of social skills  ​

 - Attention deficit with or without hyperactivity

- Anxiety and stress

- Depression

- Fears

- Sleep disorder

- Bullying

- School failure

- Bullying

- Anxiety and stress

- Depression

- Sexual orientation

Throughout adult life, we can find emotions and behaviors that overwhelm us, difficulties relating to others, life events beyond us ...

If you block a problem and do not know how to channel it, therapy can help you change that way of thinking, feeling and acting.

The main reasons why we serve adults in PSYCHE & LOGOS are:


          - Personal crisis

          - Self-esteem problems

          - Depression

          - Alcoholism and other addictions

          - Lack of social skills

Therapy with Adults:

- Anxiety and stress

- Phobias

- Mourning

- Aggressiveness

- Bullying


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