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Couple and famly therapy:


Conflicts are present in all human relationships, which are all part of living together.

When we manage them properly, help us grow. However, when we don't work them out properly or they are extended in time, they deteriorate our relationships and impede our development.

The couple and family therapy can help improve communication, manage conflict and tensions constructively, negotiate in a way satisfactory to all, face a difficult life time....

The couple and family therapy is also useful in cases in which there is a member with a problem that affects the living and the welfare of others.

The main demands of families and couples that go to PSYCHE & LOGOS are:

- Communication problems

 - Troubled relations

- Drug addiction and alcoholism

 - Mourning

 - Single-mother families

 - Stepfamilies

- Jealousy

- Separation and divorce
- Infidelity
- Sexual difficulties
- Infertility
- Conflicts with in-laws

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